Chinese wedding
A successful businessman who operated a chain of chinese
restaurants married a young virginal beauty. When they
got to the honeymoon suite, he said to her "I know you
must be nervous...
Military Training
I was going to school on an Army Base in Georgia. Being a Marine
it really pissed off the Army people when all their women
would spend time with a Marine instead of them. There was
When giving a man head
This is for you ladies who may not know. When your sucking
your mans dick, dont treat it like a lollypop. Its not going
to break off. most guys like it a bit rough. You have to...
cheshire ten tears ago...
My French lover Norbert loved me but he loved to watch me
make love to a woman.One night after his Wife had returned
to PARIS he went to get a young student from the city .She
First cum swallowing
This is something which happened about a year ago. My first
experience of swallowing a mans cum. I was not too keen
on it so my boyfriend would tell me when he was Cumming so
that I...
the fantasy swing
Often I have thought about my ultimate fantasy and this
one always seems to be the best. I go out to the local sports
bar for a brew and a game. As it gets late there is a young...
how to get to heaven
Miss Greene, A kindergarten teacher, Brings up
religion to her class. "Children", she says,

"What part of a person do you think goes to
heaven first when you die?"

a rapist who takes away my virgine!and teach me bout sex!!
That day was my birthday, i went out for a dinner with 2 of
my friend, pauline, and james.i drink so much then, pauline
say she wanna go i and james stay for half more...
my first blowjob
You know the old phrase: you show me and I'll show you?
Well, I was so inexperienced that the guy said you suck me
and I'll suck you. Wanting to be excepted, I sucked
him, for about 3...
mail job
About the are "Bad"...i like that.
But, didn't your mother
teach you that it wasn't nice to tease? lol. You could
handle me
topless, really !! Well then what would...
Peeing Pleasures
I have loved my own pee since childhood. As a child I can recall
enjoying the feeling of letting the pee run down my legs.
As a teen I would stand in the woods by a stream and pee...
Sea of Flesh-63: He Hits the Sucking Jackpot
Three brutish-looking studs had watched the flagrantly
fleshed waitress's wet ass squirming over the sucking
boy's trapped head, and desperately peeled their
chino's off without even...
My First Time
I was eighteen. I was after our Friday night football game.I
was a junoir in high school. I was a senoir. Julie and I were
riding around drinking a few beers. Our team won the...
My Second Life
It had been four years. Laura had been gone that
long and
it still seemed like yesterday to me. I am Bill. I was married
to Laura for twelve years. Twelve wonderful and...
ready for a good fuck now
It has been over twenty four hours since my last sex spree.
I am ready to fuck right now. I told Tad that he was not getting
a date but to come by and I would suck his cock and he just...
Reply: Cheating girlfriend - Get some BALLS!!!
Get some balls man!

Jeez, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure
out that A) you're unhappy, (B) she is screwing with
your emotions and mind, (C) there is no real...

best blow job ever
This man goes into a bar and orders a drink A guy comes up and
hands the bartender a frog. Another guy comes over and gives
the bartender 10$ , bartender hands him the frog and he...
Sea of Flesh-60 (Revised): Mommas Lesson!
Sea of Flesh-60 (Revised): Mommas Lesson!
This filthy whore of a mother needed to be taught a lesson
for fucking her 18 year old son, right in front of a crowd
of drunken, naked...
Coloured school
Coloured school

This is what the three boys had to say when the teacher asked
them to make a sentence with CRUIZ.

1ST BOY:...

Sea of Flesh-46: Sucking Pussy at High Tide
After having gotten him drunk along with herself, Charolette
had brought her 18-year-old son, Larry, to a tavern to meet
Ellie, a fetchingly beautiful and stacked Hispanic bombshell
Restaurant Party
Veronica was a 40 yr old woman, buxom, red=haired (all over,
including a glist-ening, curly-haired bush), with dark-brown
eyes. She worked at resta-urant as hostess, where all...
Can't Believe it Happened
Let me start by saying I'm a married male with two kids.

I had been having thoughts run through my head that included
fucking and sucking with another guy. I've often gotten

Finding His Fiance's Inner Pig--Chapt 6
The lovers sauntered in through the doors of the Isit Inn
in time to see a miniature female come out of the ladies room,
sprightly hop up on a barstool, plop her wallet down and
order a...
Why do I want to share my very pretty and young darling wife?
I am 36, workingman with a handsome salary and a very pretty (out of
this world) wife, 23. Now I love her very much , in
fact ours was/is a love-marriage, also we are sexually...
Does marijuana helps the sexual sensation?
Does the effect of marijuana helps the sexual sensation?
It happened after I had some dose of marijuana, quite drunk,
but was able to control the driving home. There was my...
Mandi's Birthday
I was 18 years old and had a friend named Mandi in scholl.
we never hung out other than in school. Mandi was 5'
8" with a great body, red hair and pretty face. She
was also teh...
Mandi's Birthday
I was 18 years old and had a friend named Mandi in scholl.
we never hung out other than in school. Mandi was 5'
8" with a great body, red hair and pretty face. She
was also teh...
The First Orgasm Part 3
If you have been following along I have experienced my first
orgasm and just finished giving and receiving oral sex.
But it wasn't over yet.

Johns cock was standing to...
A Woman's Sexual Peak
I was 38, divorced and horny. They say women peak sexually
in their 30s, and boy are they right! Ive always been one
to enjoy sex, but now its all I can think about. Day and night
Older/younger debate
Hi all..first post here so bear with me...
I have only our experience to base this on so hear goes.

As the older here..I know my body is not what it was when I
was younger....