Young Girls and Older Men

I've had the strangest fantacy for about 3 years now...the
pressing desire to have an oral encounter with a man over
40. The "problem" is, I'm only 21.
Every boyfriend and/or sexual partner I have ever had was
under 25. You would think I am not satisfied with younger
men, when in fact, I have been quite pleased. Yet there is
this driving desire within me to hook-up with someone my
dad's age (or older) for oral sex.
The other issue I am having is with my recent interest in
older men with small penises. (Boy would a shrink have fun
trying to figure me out!)I suppose what it all boils down
to is: I am sexually attracted to much older men.
Does anyone find anything wrong with that? (ha-ha...)Does
anyone feel the same way? (I'm sure there are plenty
of old men who would love to dive into a 21-year-old girl)

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