Naked in a room full of my big sisters friends

My siter was home from college and Mom & Dad were gone till
the next night. I was 13 and sandy was 19. She was given permission
to spank me if I didn't listen.I was in my room jackin off
when she walked in and busted out laughing.I was so very
humiliated I tried to cover myself up. Sandy said"boy , I
think you need to be punished for this" I started to cry which
only made her laugh harder.Follow me boy!...was thye next
command.I started to dress when she said"Naked boy!"I
begged her not to make me walk around naked in front of her
but to no avail.When we got downstairs she made me go out
into the garage.She tied my hands behind my back and tied
a thick string around my balls and pulled me over to the overhead
door .She proceeded to throw the twine over the door railing and pulled it untill
I was forced to stand on my tiptoes with my balls streached
out to the limit.I was begging her to let me go when she walked
into the house and came back out with the phone.I was horrified!She
dialed about 4 of her friends and told them to come over.When
they all arrived she was in the kitchen(right off the garage)
and in she walked with them and they all busted out laughing.Naked
in front of 5 18-19 year olds and totally humiliated.I was
spanked by all, pulled around by my tiny pee pee(as they
called it and finally forced to(the most humiliating thing
in my life) jack off while they laughed their asses off.My
sister took several photos for futur humiliation purposes.
That began a summer filled with me naked for Sandy's friends
many times.

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