Wife's wild night out

Most people would not understand my life. I really cant
blame them. I did not intend for it to turn out the way that
it has, but few people really determine their own lives.
I dont understand why the things that turn me on do, nor
can I control those things. I have tried. I went to church.
I have prayed for help. I have sought help from psychiatrists,
Pastors, friends and strangers. I have punished myself
for these thoughts. I only get fleeting results, in time
the feelings creep back in. Slowly at first, heating up
my mind. Taking over my sleep, building up flames. Torturing
me with relentless flashes of fantasies of twisting bodies
engaging in torrid sex. Then these thoughts start taking
me over, controlling my every waking moment and thought.
How can one explain such weakness to his own mind, but it
controls my desires and as much now my life.

Unlike most people I know the time it started happening.
The very first sign that something was wrong. I was in my
late teens. I was dating the girl who was to become my wife.
She was an angel. She would turn heads wherever we went.
I was hung up on marrying a woman that had never known another
man. She fit the bill, a church going girl, and very modest.
It was after just a few dates that we gave into passion in
the backseat of my Chevy. It was my first time, and she said
it was hers too. Once we started there was no stopping. We
just had to be alone so we could rip each others clothes
off and have sex. I was very uneducated in sex, I did not know
that women could have orgasms. After months of me getting
off several times an evening, she explained how females
need release also. She said that I was just leaving her hanging
after our love making. She would have to go home and masturbate
until she found relief. This made me double my efforts,
and before long with practice, I was able to help her reach
orgasm during sex. It was not long after this that I proposed.
I needed sex all the time and we would have to go days without
being able to find a way to be alone together. She accepted
but told me that she had to be honest with me about some things
in her past. She explained how she and an ex-boyfriend had
experimented with sex. He had eaten her pussy and fingered
her on several occasions. She had returned the favor by
giving him had jobs. On one occasion she sucked him to completion.
But she swore that they had never had penetration sex. My
mind was spinning; I did not know what to think. I pictured
my girlfriend naked and being fingered by her ex-boyfriend
and giving him head. Her mouth around his hard prick, slurping
and sucking, her hair falling on his waist. I visualized
them in a sixty-nine position, our favorite. I wanted to
be mad, to tell her to get out of the car. She had lied to me.
She made me love her and now she was telling me things that
could ruin our relationship. Then something very strange
happened. As I was imagining my girlfriend having oral
sex with her ex-boyfriend. I became highly aroused. The
more I thought about it the harder I got. I kept this from
her out of embarrassment. I did not know what to think of
my reaction.

About a year after we were married we were getting Christmas
presents for our family. I always got a cousin of mine a gag
gift. My wife suggested I buy him some porn magazines. I
thought it was a great idea. I had looked at the pictures
before but they really did not do anything for me. So I was
not a frequent reader. I just picked up a couple of magazines
from the local newsstand that had the best looking cover.
I did not even intend on looking at them. On the way home my
wife started looking at them and showing me the pictures.
I had to admit the pictures were a turn on, especially the
ones with the ladies in high heels and stockings. She then
started reading some of the stories in the feedback section
in Gallery. This was a few years before Aids. Most of the
stories were about men who liked to share their wives with
other men. I was amazed. I did not know that there were men
who would do that. There were rumors about swap clubs in
town. I just thought they were people telling tall tails.
But here were men writing to a national publication telling
about how their wives would become sluts with strangers
for their enjoyment. I was hard as a rock as she read the stories
to me on the way home. After a while she put the magazine away
and said, can you believe these guys let their wives act
like that. This is just filthy trash. I could not wait to
get home and read the rest of the stories.

I started reading as soon as I got home. There was a story
about a guy who would arrange for his wife to screw guys at
adult bookstore through holes in the wall. Another about
a wife who would pick up men at a bar and bring them home and
screw their brains out while her husband watched from a
closet. When the man would leave he would lick her lovers
cum from her dripping pussy. He would then fuck her and enjoy
sloppy seconds. One story that really got to me was where
a man and wife had an argument. The wife left and went to the
mall. She stopped at the beauty shop and told them she needed
a change. She ended up with a new hairstyle and a shaved pussy.
She bought a sexy outfit and shoes. Went to a bar and picked
up three men. They screwed her in a van in every hole multiple
times. They made her expose herself at an adult movie theater.
She even had to give the theater manager head. They sold
her pussy to a homeless man for five bucks. They then dropped
her off naked at her home at three in the morning. She slipped
into the house and her husband was waiting for her. She had
cum running out of her pussy and ass. Her hair was a mess and
she had love bites on her breasts and neck. She cried and
expected the worst. She suspected that her marriage was
over. At first he was furious, but as she told what had happened
he became excited and they had the best sex ever. Now she
goes out each weekend and has sex with other men. When she
comes home she tells her husband everything while he eats
her out.

I should have never bought those magazines. I tried to
put them out of my mind. I was hard and I needed release. I
grabbed my wife and threw her on the bed. I practically raped
her. All the time I pictured her with three men. Fucking
her and spraying her face and tits with hot come. It was the
best sex I had ever experienced. When I shot my load I almost
passed out. My wife asked, what got into you. I guess you
ought to get a subscription to those magazines.

I did get a subscription to Gallery. It was the only magazine
I found that a majority of letters was from men who loved
their wives to dress slutty and fuck other men. The more
I read the worse it became for me. How could I tell my wife
what my true desires were? She knew that after the magazines
came she was in for a real screwing. She would look at the
pictures of the girls next door. I begged her to enter. She
just could not understand why I would want her to be seen
by so many men across the nation. Later she was reading the
feedback section about a woman who paid off a TV repair bill
with her pussy. The repairman was a hung black guy. His dick
was so big the young housewife could not get more that the
tip of it in her mouth. While she was reading I began going
down on her. She moaned and began reading aloud. When she
got to the part about the repairman shooting his spunk deep
into her womb, I went wild gobbling up her juices. She was
so hot and wet that I thought I might drown. She grabbed the
back of my head and asked if I would like to watch her fuck
another guy. My mouth was so full of pussy juice I could only
bob my head up and down. Oh yea, suck my pussy, Would you
eat my pussy while he was fucking me from behind she moaned.
I looked up into her eyes, her juices dripping from my face
of course I would, I would do anything to see you get fucked
by another guy. I went back to sucking on her clit, she started
to cum, she screamed and yelled and made a low almost animal
sound. She dug her nails into me and bucked her pussy into
my face as she continued to cum. Then she started to cry.
How could you share me with another man, dont you care
anything about me. The accusations continued for several
weeks. I feared that my marriage was over.

We did not have sex for several weeks, and we had barely
talked. She cried a lot, trying to sort everything out.
She said we should go out one evening and try to talk out our
problems. She arranged a babysitter for our children and
we left for the evening. I had resigned to the fact that my
perversion had cost me the most precious thing in my life.
She suggested we drive to the lake to talk. We stopped and
got some food and drink and drove around the lake until we
found a secluded spot. She spread a blanket down near the
water's edge. We ate our picnic, and talked. She did
not want a divorce, but she did not understand why I would
risk loosing her to another man. I had hurt her but also excited
her by my admission. She was ashamed that her body had betrayed
her by her orgasm. I promised never to talk about it again
and to throw out the magazines. We would try to start over.
She answered by stripping off her clothes. Down to just
a bra and thong panties, in plain view of boaters out on the
lake. She winked at me and said it was a compromise. After
the sun went down we made love on the car hood in the parking
lot of the marina.

I was true to my word, I threw away all of the magazines.
I started getting involved in church. If I started getting
the old feelings again then I would try and put them out of
my head. I would remind myself how I had hurt my wife, and
how close I had come to losing her. But when you are perverted
and your mind has been contaminated you cant always do
it. Within six years I was as bad as ever. My wife went along
with me this time because she loved the great sex. She would
tell me how she would love to have a dick in her ass and pussy
while she sucked me off. I would moan at her suggestions
as they played out in my mind. I would fuck like a man possessed.
After all these years she finally agreed to fuck another
guy and tell me about it later. I jacked my poor dick raw just
thinking about it.

She called up an old boyfriend from high school. She had
always said she would have fucked him if they had ever been
left alone. He was happy to hear from her. She said she would
like to get together and talk over old times. He asked about
me and my wife said I would not be a problem. They agreed to
meet at a local bar the next night. My wife spent her lunch
hour at a dress shop picking out something really sexy to
wear on her date. She spent extra time shaving, painting
her nails, and doing her hair. I must admit I was starting
to get a little jealous when she pulled out of the drive way
that evening. As she started to drive off, she lowered the
window and told me not to wait up. How could I not wait up?
I was a nervous wreck, my mind was going crazy. I kept picturing
her sitting at the bar with her old flame. I was so hard a cat
could not scratch my dick as I waited.

It was four in the morning when I heard her car pull into
the drive. She fumbled for her keys at the door; I raced to
the door to open it for her. I was shocked; there at the door
was my proper wife. Her hair was all messed up, makeup smeared,
naked and drunk. All she had on were her high heels and a glazed
look in her eyes. I drug her into the hallway hoping none
of our neighbors saw her. Whats the matter babe, afraid
the neighbors might see your slut wife she hissed at me.
In the light of the hallway I got to see the full extent of
her night. She had cum running down her legs, matted in her
hair. There was a large bruise on her hip and a large hickey
on her neck. Did Bobby do all this to you I questioned.
Hell no, the bastard stood me up then started to cry. What
happened to you then I demanded. See, I told you we were
playing with fire, how do you like your little slut whore
now. After Ive fucked four real men she spat at me. I was
hard as a rock looking at her like that. I picked her up and
carried her to our bed room. I place her gently on the bed
and began to eat her sore cunt.

She began to explain her evening. She had really been excited
about having a chance to fuck Bobby. She was nervous and
got to the bar early. It was crowded so she sat on a stool and
ordered a strong drink while she waited. A couple of men
at the bar began flirting with her; she was flattered and
returned conversation with them. They bought her more
drinks while she waited. She said it felt good to be the center
of these mens attention. After an hour the bartender asked
what her name was, he said he had a phone call for her. It was
Bobby; his dad had been in an accident and he could not meet
her. He asked for a rain check. She was so disappointed.
She grabbed her drink and downed it, to relieve her frustration.
She did not realize how much she had to drink until she tried
to go to the bathroom. As she tried to walk on her high heels
she slipped and hit her bottom really hard. One of the guys
who had been talking to her helped her up. She said his hand
lightly touched her breast and it felt like lighting coursed
through her and she gasped. He helped her to the rest room
and then back to the bar. Someone had put money in the juke
box and several couples were up dancing. The guys who had
been buying her drinks started asking her to dance. She
agreed to dance one dance each but then she had to go home.
They waited for slow songs and then held her close and felt
her up through her clothes. She said she could feel their
hard cocks through their pants. It turned her on to think
that she could cause this. Other men asked her to dance and
they began to expose her thong panties while they rubbed
her ass on the dance floor. One tall man turned her around
pulled up her dress and dry humped her in front of the entire
bar. People cheered as they put on a show. This only encouraged
others to be more brazen. During the next dance two men pulled
her dress off leaving her only in a bra and thongs. They rubbed
their hard dicks on her through their pants. She said it
was so intense that she had a climax while every one was cheering
them on. She was then placed up on a table and the men all started
yelling for her to strip. She slowly undid her bra and tossed
it out into the crowd as she danced on the table. There were
cheers and whistles. They begged her to remove her panties.
One man from the crowd stepped forward and ripped the thong
panties off her exposing her shaved beaver to everyone
at the bar. Things started to get out of control. The bartender
tossed a towel to my wife and told her to get out quickly,
because he had called the cops. The two men, who had been
buying her drinks, grabbed her purse from the bar and ushered
her out the back door and into their car. The two men who had
dry humped her on the dance floor jumped into the car also.
Shes too hot for just the two of you they joked. They sped
off down the alley and away from town.

She was in the backseat between two strangers who started
playing with her tits and finger fucking her. She said she
was so hot from the bar that she bet they could have stuck
their whole hand up her pussy. She started rubbing their
cocks and they unzipped their pants so she could give them
hand jobs. She leaned over and took one dick in her mouth
and started to suck him. He was so hot that soon he was shooting
thick gobs of cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop.
They pulled off onto a back road and stopped. In just seconds
she was on her hands and knees in the wet grass of a hay field
with a dick in her pussy and one in her mouth. She lost count
of how many times they fucked her that night or how many loads
of cum she swallowed. She said she almost passed out when
she mounted one dick and another was shoved up her ass at
the same time. She was sucking one of the guys to get him hard
again and jacking the other with her hand. She had the most
intense orgasm in her life. They were all spent after that
and they drove her back to her car. The bar was closed by the
time they got back, so they could not go look for her dress.
She sat on the towel the bartender had given her so she would
not ruin the car seat. The men said they would follow her
home to make sure she got home safe. She said she bet they
just wanted to know where she lived so they might get a repeat
gangbang some time.

As she relayed this story to me I realized what a great wife
and sexy slut I had. I was so turned on that I licked her clean
with my tongue. She pulled me to her and I sank my hard dick
into her pussy. It was so huge and stretched. I pumped into
her for a while and she said she was just too sore and she finished
me off with her mouth. We lay in each others arms and talked.
I asked her if she might do this again sometime. She said
she still had to fuck Bobby next weekend.

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