Unexpected Seduction

My story is one that I never expected to happen. A former
employee of my wife, Elizabeth, called her and asked if
she could stay with us for a short time, so that she could
make other housing arrangements. Apparently, she had
to move out of the place where she was staying, so, we agreed
to let her stay for a short time.

Money had been a little tight, and my wife asked me if I would
consider allowing Elizabeth to rent a room from us. I thought
about it, and agreed that maybe that would be a good idea
and suplement our income. My wife is a very busy woman, who
travels occasionally for her job. I have always worked
nights, so, I realized that if Elizabeth worked days, our
paths would seldom cross.

My marriage has been on a roller coaster between great and
not so great. For me, not getting enough sex is the worst,
and my wife, though she would deny it, has withheld sex from
me to punish me. She uses the line, "How can I make love
to someone who is always fighting with me?" You know
the drill. We wouldn't be fighting if she would fuck
me more.

One weekend that my wife was out of town on business, I returned
form work on a Friday night/early Saturday morning to find
Elizabeth still up, reading a book on the couch. She was
never up when I got home, so this kind of threw me a little.
I had wanted to watch television to unwind and then get into
our hot tub before going to bed, but since she was in the room
with the TV, I just grabbed a beer and headed for the hot tub.

I was just relaxing when Elizabeth startled me and asked
whether I would mind company. I said, "Sure, come
on in." I had never been in the hot tub together with
her before. She had even seemed embarrassed to have me see
her sunbathing in the back yard. Another time, I had accidently
walked in on her changing her clothes to bring the phone
to her. In that case, she grabbed the first thing she could,
to cover up so that I wouldn't see much of her.

Now Elizabeth and I are the same age, in our mid-forties.
She was divorced and since I had known her, she didn't
date much. We sat on opposite ends of the hot tub in the moonlight
on a beautiful night. Her foot grazed across my leg as she
shifted in the tub. I told her that I hoped she wasn't
bothered by the fact that I didn't have a swimsuit on.
She looked me in the eyes and said, "Would you like
me to take mine off?"

I told her, "If you would be more comfortable, feel
free to take it off."

She stood up and got closer to me and said, "If you want
me to take my swimsuit off, you take it off of me."

Now she was straddling me, and I pulled the suit off of her
top and started sucking on her breasts. While doing this,
I continued to pull her swimsuit off of her and soon my raging
hard on was inside her pussy. Within muutes, we drying ourselves
and back in the house. We couldn't wait to get into a
bed so that we could get down to some real fucking.

She was so great. We fucked and sucked until dawn. She woke
up and left to go who knows where before I woke up. I was disappointed
because I wanted to fuck her some more.

I didn't see her at all that day. I returned fr0m work
later that night and she was home, but fast asleep in her
room. The next morning, we spoke to each other and agreed
that as much as we enjoyed fucking each other, we shouldn't
be doing this. Later, I asked her if she would like to go grab
a bite at a local pizza joint. That went fine and we had a leisurely
meal drinking a few glasses of wine.

We got home, and she went to her room while I read the newspaper.
A few minutes later, she entered the room wearing a red "fuck
me" nighty complete with garters and nylons. I couldn't
resist and we fucked by the fireplace. Now, my wife was arriving
home in the morning, so, I knew we had to watch our step.

We were able to fuck again on later dates. If you liked this
story, maybe I will write more about this affair.

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