First time Glory-Hole experience

I had been waiting for the moment to suck a cock for a very
long time. I am a 39 y/o bi male and my 39 y/o girlfriend is
also bi. There is an Adult bookstore here in town right next
to a tattoo shop and exotic dance club. The bookstore has
movie booths in the back and the last two adjoining rooms
have a glory hole between them. I had been there several
times before but no men came in. Bad timing I suppose. It
wasn't until I met my girlfriend, and lover that I really
got the chance to express my bi-curious side. Fantasizing
with her about sucking a guys cock, anal sex and much more.
One night, while fantasizing and having tremendous sex,
I told her that I was going to go to Big Louie's to suck
a dick. She asked me how the heck I was gonna do it. So I explained
the glory hole thing to her. This excited her even more.
Needless to say we were extremely aroused at the thought.
So, in the morning after I dropped her off at work, I drove
to the bookstore. I couldn't get through the door fast
enough and to the movie booths. As soon as I swung through
the saloon-style doors I looked up to see if there were any
"occupied" lights on. To my delight, there
was a light on and it just so happened to be one of the rooms
connected by the gloryhole. I rushed excitedly into the
other one and immediately dropped my pants and boxers.
My cock was hard in an instant. Through the hole I could see
this cock about 6 or 7 inches being stroked. It was easy to
see that this person wanted me to see his cock because he
was sitting way forward in his chair. I began stroking my
cock and looking at his the whole time. After about 3 or 4
minutes I leaned toward the hole and told him that I hoped
he didn't mind me watching him. He said that he was watching
me too and that I ahd a nice cock. I asked him if he wanted any
help with it and he asked, "How?" Then without
giving me a chance to answer, he stood up and poked his cock
through the hole. Very nice this cock was and he was pierced.
Not only was this going to be my first time sucking cock,
it was going to be the first time sucking a pierced cock.
I did not hesitate and immediately placed my entire mouth
over his throbbing erection. WoW!! What an intense feeling
came over me. I began sucking this guy's cock like I'd
been doing it forever. I could feel his hips moving toward
and away from me in a fucking motion, only restricted by
the plywood wall to moe more. So I joined in his rhythym and
let him fuck my mouth. After a couple of minutes, I took my
mouth off of his cock and started licking the shaft all around.
I even stood up and rubbed the head of my cock all over his
with my own precum. Then, I went right back down and sucked
it off of his dick. I kept on sucking his dick and I could sense
what I'd only up until then, read about in magazines
about the throbbing cock right before ejaculation. It
was wonderful. I could feel his juice squirting into my
mouth and I didn't let for for a second. I just kept on
sucking and swallowing until he finished cumming. Even
after he finished cumming I kept his cock in my mouth because
I've always wanted to feel a soft cock in my mouth too.
I guess it felt really good because he wouldn't go down
past a semi-. Which was alright by me because if he wanted
more, I would have sucked him off again. I was hoping that
he would stick around so I could get some head, but he just
said thank you and left. I was so excited by what I had just
done, that it took me fewer than three minutes to come by
hand. I couldn't wait to tell my girlfriend that evening,
so when I went to her work and dropped off the car I told her
that I had something exciting to tell her. She asked what
it was and I asked her if she remembered what we talked about
last night. She said yes and I told her that I did it. She smiled
and said to tell her later. That evening was another great
one for the two of us. I have another story and I am gong to
write it now because most people that send their stories
in say, "I'll save it for another time."
I want to share this with you now! So, We like to play on the
internet and search for other bi's in the chat rooms.
I was off one day and met a local guy that wanted some discreet
head even though his girlfriend didn't know he liked
it from men. So, I shared the movie booth idea with him and
he shared an invitation to his house. Being kind of cautious
about going to a strangers house, I told him that I would
be going to the bookstore on Friday. Either he would show
up, or not. Either way I was looking for some cock to suck.
As I walked in the store there was a man "browsing"
the novelties. I immediately knew that when I walked in
and he wlaked through those swinging doors, that he wanted
some action. To my luck he went into one of the rooms with
the glory hole. I went into the other one and had seen that
he did not waste any time in dropping his pants. After a few
minutes of stroking I motioned my finger toward the hole
and he stuck his cock through the hole. This was a downward-curved
cock and was probably about 7 inches and thick. It was a chore
to suck with the downward curve and the restriction of the
plywood. It took this guy about three minutes to send his
load shooting into my mouth. It was great. Not a second later
he was out of the room and gone. Now, I had seen the picture
of the local guy and this was not him. So, he got lucky and
got a blowjob. Then, the door next to me closes and someone
else comes in. Could this be the local guy. I purposely looked
very closely through the hole and saw a glimpse of his face
and it was. I made the "come here" motion to him
and he dropped his sweatpants and started stroking his
cock. It wasn't very big, probably about 4 or 5 inches
but I wasn't going to let that bring me down. I pulled
his cock toward me and started sucking. At least with a cock
this size I could fit the whole thing in my mouth. I don't
know if it's the excitement in them, or if I just suck
cock really good, but this guy starts shooting his load
in two minutes. After he came in my mouth and I swallowed
his load, I stood up and put my cock near the hole in hopes
of a blowjob. I jacked off and he watched. It must have turned
him on because he stayed until I came. I don't go there
everyday, but when I do, I go in hopes of giving and getting.
Hope you all enjoyed me sharing this with you.

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