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Sex Stories:

Our First Threesome But Not Our last
My wife Becky and I are in our mid 30s and have been together
11 years and we are madly in love with one another. Let me
tell you about Becky. She has always been gorgeous. She
Encounter of the cock kind
Jane came home one night after working a night shift, still dressed in her nurses uniform, she noticed that the door was slightly ajar, before she opened it.
She entered cautiously only to find...
While having sex w/ my wife I sometimes imagine that I'm a friend of ours doing her..anyone else?.
My wife and I have had a Menage-a-trois with a friend of ours
on several occsions. I have photographed and filmed the
menage at times, and also filmed and photographed just
him having...
Why ask Why?
When are people going to wake up and realize stereotypes, are nothing more then urban legends. If the current spread of "ghetto" culture as opposed to the increasing focus of education and...
The get away
We had been looking forward to this trip for a long time.
A chance for us to get away and get into the mountains with
fresh air and cooler temperatures. We got the tent set up
and the...
why does he insist it's small...
i know a man who sports a fine 7+ inch penis. to hear him talk,
you'd think it was 4in. at best. he always refers to
it as too small, says he's wanting to make it bigger.
bigger for what?...
Love those Female Inmates!
Dell hated working on holidays, away from home, all alone,
and bored stiff, not a very pleasant way to spend Christmas
day, and worse yet, the surroundings really sucked, seeing
as he...
At The Movies
It was a hot summer day, an our air conditioner broke down
so Mary my wife of 10 yrs was complaining about the heat.
So I said "let go an see an movie". Well that got her all...
my big sister, Jane, Part II
It was in the summer, about June, when the corn in our field
was higher than our heads. Jane and I had to always hoe the
weeds there and in the rest of the garden as well. But, I...
Astrological Signs: Southern Style
Moon Pie
March 21 - April 20

You're the type that spends a lot of time on the front
porch. It's a cinch to recognize the physical appearance of Moon...
Airport - A Vicki Story - Chapter 3
Smoothing my dress around me and crossing my legs, I looked
up and noticed a man sitting across from me smiling. I smile
back and my body shuddered with a feeling I knew was going
to be...
Additional Questions in Profiles
Why is it that so many either don't answer these, or
if they do, have contradicting responses... such as they
are not into roleplay, but when asked what things are acceptable
in the...
My so called life.
Two weeks ago my wife of seven years tells me i dont make her
happy, to which i reply, thats not my job.Bad thing to
say.She then tells me she hasnt paid any bill with my name
on it for...
Each time she pushed with her legs, she felt the pressure
decrease on her pussy. The movements had been continuous for some
time now. The control was all hers. The rhythm of the...
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